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Elusive Knysna elephant caught on camera 9 January 2014


"New project by 'elephant man' by John Harvey. 27 November 2013"



"The Animal Connection - November 2008"

Lion Man of Africa, Gareth Patterson, explores what makes animals indispensable totem symbols in our lives... By Gareth Patterson



"The Nature of Change - June 2007"

The canary is dying, but has anyone noticed? By Gareth Patterson



"The Lion man and his pride"  by Indira Parthasarathy - March 2007"



From Conservation to Coexistence.” January 2000 (a chapter in the book entitled The Con in Conservation compiled by Bill Jordan of Care for the Wild) (Available) E-mail Care for the Wild at  By Gareth Patterson



“Questioning Sustainable Utilisation.” The Star Newspaper. January 3, 2000. By Gareth Patterson



“The Tuli Elephants: Reflections of a Nation.” Diversions. By Fransje van Riel. August 1999. 



“The Killing Fields.” Personality. March 12, 1999. By Gareth Patterson 



“Something Rotten in the State of Hunting.” Mail and Guardian. May 1998. By Gareth Patterson



“Kora Revisited.” Safari. March/April. 1998. By Gareth Patterson 



“Horrors of “Canned” Lion Hunting.” Mail and Guardian. May 2, 1997. By Gareth Patterson






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